Sunday, February 7, 2016

2 . 7 . 2016 ... Some more pictures of our historic home ... The top pictures are of the 9' table that we discovered and bought last week and then struggled to get into the house.  Still trying to decide how much refinishing it needs, but that will have to wait till summer until I can open the doors to let out the fumes from doing any refinishing on it.  I really think that I'm wanting to leave the bottom of the table in that painted state with just the top refinished to some degree.  My wife and I both like the primitive look...


  1. Your home looks very cozy ☺ Who is playing the piano?

    1. Thanks Catharina... It is very cozy. The piano we've been dragging around for many years. It was painted red and white under that. I refinished it when I was much younger, and we've just never decided to leave it for someone else to own. No one plays it very well, but the grandkids like plunking on it.