Tuesday, January 7, 2014

 This painting is a 7"x 12" 0n gesso'd 400# Arches paper using Derivan Liquid Pencil…..Derivan is a bottled liquid graphite that comes in a yellow, sepia, blue and 2 shades of gray…..I use it like I use watercolor…I prefer to paint with it straight out of the bottle so as not to mix it with the w/colors on my palette unless that's my intent.  It can be used/mixed with watercolors quite well..which also lends for some interesting results.  Together, they can be floated/blended right on the paper…..(developing your own technique I think).

These paintings were again accomplished using the Derivan Liquid Pencil on Gesso'd 400# paper…But here, I added watercolor and gouache into the mix…….another variation.

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