Friday, May 2, 2014

Watercolor Progression

Same location as the painting in the previous blog entry... Pushed in a little more Raw Umber into this one...... Of note:  Windsor Newton makes two different Payne's Grays.....The Windsor Newton brand and the Windsor Newton Cotman brand of Payne's Gray.  I prefer the Cotman brand of Payne's Gray mixed with various earth tones.


  1. It's interesting when you describe the process and show the different stages of your paintings. Have you ever tried Daniel Smith watercolors? Love the hues in your paintings.

  2. Thanks Jean for your comments....I do use Daniel Smith on occasion and like many of their Ochres and Reds....Also use 2 greens (Serpentine Genuine and Olive Green), and there's a Graphite Gray that I like from DS..