Friday, January 16, 2015

Today I'm in my studio, doing some experimental watercolor work.  Using heavy textured paper with heavy amounts of paint...and then doing a lot of scrubbing out and glazing over, followed by a matte finish kamar varnish that is suitable for watercolor work. Trying something a little more abstract in a landscape....more mood and less realism in this painting.
I especially liked the look and feel of the Daniel Smith Graphite Grey mixed with a little Paynes Grey and Raw Umber in the distant trees...  And I usually paint dark anyway, but this was almost a little over the top for me.  Maybe that's why I enjoyed doing this painting.....It stretched me a little...


  1. Really pleasing result. Love the colors and the composition.

    1. Thanks Jean for your comments.... The image here doesn't reflect the amount of texture this painting really has. The color and composition was the result of a lot of intentional scrubbing out and glazing over. It's one of those paintings that excited me while I was doing it and something that I can't duplicate again.....