Monday, May 4, 2015

I posted this rug hooking on my blog to show how great of an artist my wife is...... This rug is actually a wall hanging 15" x 30" ....  She designed it from the really small cover of a 17th century European Prayer Book..  Once the 300 year old image is found, she redesigns it, decides on new color combinations that's to her liking, strips /cuts the pieces of wool, and then builds the rug..... It's just a fantastic art form.  She has promised to make me another geometric rug for the floor of my studio... I'll post that photo when it gets finished...

It's sort of interesting that we both seem to like the similar muted earthy tones in our work.... i.e.   see below...

Close ups of the top and bottom of the rug hooking just so you might get an appreciation for all the work that goes into these creations of hers....  She is just such a fabulous artist.


  1. It is a most beautiful work of art!

    1. On behalf of my wife ... Thank you for your comments. I'm super proud of all the things she does....