Sunday, November 15, 2015

11 . 15 . 2015 ...  Watercolor 9 1/2" x 13"  This is a studio painting ..  It's not completely finished yet. I've decided that I'm going to wax it several times with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium, buff it out, and then overpaint some fine detail work with acrylic paint in the hillside foreground..   Below is a closeup of the foreground....

A few touches of acrylic paint in some of the blades of dried grass.  Where I'm at now is from several applications of masking, glazing over and then re-masking, followed by more overpainting.

Finished painting ... matted in a 16" x 20" off-white mat.   


  1. This is really lovely, Ernie! I have a question. Does painting acrylic on top of wax affect the archival quality of the work? I would have thought the acrylic would just peel right off...

    1. Keena ... I use Gamblin cold wax medium when I choose to wax a painting. I don't wax a watercolor that often but when I do I spray it with a fixative and let it dry first before applying the Gamblin. Gamblin is an oil painting medium. I think you might be correct on the archival aspect of the work.... but I use very little acrylic to accentuate some of the textural aspects only. Also on occasion I've attached the waxed piece of work onto a solid substrate which I think would correct some issues that you've mentioned. I would never advocate taking a watercolor painting and consistently making it into mixed medium piece or something else. Really I'm a pure watercolorist ... At times I just like to experiment around with it to see what happens.... this is one of those times. Hope this answers your questions.. If you have other thoughts you can feel free to always email me ... Thanks.