Saturday, November 19, 2016

11 . 19 . 2019  ... Started matting some of my studio sketches by cropping an 1/8" of the rough edges off and using gel medium to secure them to another small sheet of watercolor paper .... then mounting them as a floating painting in an off-white mat.  This one ended up being 6 1/2" square with a 3 1/2" mat .  Price: $200 which includes shipping.


  1. Ernie, I love the look you created by floating the painting on another sheet of watercolor paper first before matting. What kind of gel Medium could I use? I am just a beginner and would appreciate the input.
    Love your work!!!!

    1. I just use Regular Gel Medium with the Matte finish that's made by Golden. Thanks Nata ... I sent you an email with directions on how I use it for this application... Let me know by email if you didn't receive... good luck.. Ernie