Saturday, February 8, 2014

"The mountain-top seems uplifted solitary to the gates of Heaven itself;  remote in air of such crystal purity that the whole being is 'tiptoe for flight'................"  (Memoirs of Louise Lawrence)

 Enjoy painting in the winter time, but just a small break from the painting of snow scenes….. Watercolor...Cache Valley, Utah..."Autumn High Country".  That dark gray color in the aspens is a color new to me that I found from Daniel Smith's colors called "graphite gray".  I did a wet-n-wet, just dropping the gray color in straight out of the tube and letting it run.  I think I'm going to try this again soon, but will mask off to get the white trunks of the aspen trees...


  1. Love the effect you created. What is the lovely orange/rust color that you dropped the gray into? ls it a Daniel Smith color?

    1. Jean...I used a mixture of yellow ochre, raw sienna...all Winsor-Newton. Also used some Daniel Smith French Ochre....then dropped in the Daniel Smith graphite gray and then stood the painting up and let it flow down.. Put it in an off white mat had it framed yesterday for a show in may-june and it turned out pretty well. Thanks for your comments...